BN003 is an CNC machined macropad from a solid block of aluminium. It is a 3 key macropad which had 3 switches. Each key can be configured via QMK to do just about anything you want it to.


Color Options-

  • Black
  • White


Base Plates Options-

  • Powder Coated Black
  • Powder Coated White
  • Hand Polished Brass Plate


What's in the box?


  • 1 x Top CNC Machined Frame (Aluminium)

  • 4 x Base Pad

  • 1 x CNC Machined Base Plate(Aluminium or Brass)

  • 1 x BN003 PCB with Kailh Sockets

  • 4 x M3 Screw

  • 1 x Reset Pin




  • Integrated Plate
  • ​Switch Sockets (hot-swappable/no soldering required)
  • ​PCB compatible with QMK firmware / programmable by VIA QMK configurator